Shadow of the Pagoda

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Descriere RO

A magical gateway to a parallel world has opened within the world-famous Kew Gardens. Auberon is a powerful magician who rules the world of Ki from the towering Pagoda. Ki is dying and being destroyed, and the creatures live in fear of Auberon’s wrath.

A young boy named Tom has gone missing and Charly, a teenage schoolgirl on holiday in Kew, decides to help in the search for him.

Charly, with the aid of Kew’s mythical creatures, finds her way through the gateway and follows Tom through Ki World to try to rescue him.

And so, the adventure begins…

How will she survive the dangers that lie ahead?

Will she succeed in rescuing Tom?

Will she ever make it home again?

Join Charly in an exciting and fast-paced fantastical journey in Book 1 of the Ki World Trilogy.