Smart Cities, Smart Future

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Most people agree that technology will play an increasingly important role in the lives of city dwellers. But many challenges remain. This book will explore and answer key questions about smart cities, such as:

Which technologies are needed and who will provide them? Who will be responsible for planning, building, managing, and maintaining smart city technology systems? How will smart city dwellers maintain their privacy when they're surrounded by sensors, microphones and cameras? What happens to cities that don't evolve into smart cities? Should planning for smart cities be top-down, grassroots, or a combination of both? What kinds of new technology infrastructure and communication networks will be required for safely and securely connecting millions of sensors, smart devices, machines, vehicles and drones? How will smart cities guarantee fair treatment of citizens who don't own smart phones or other devices required to participate in smart city environments and utilize smart city services? How will smart cities be financed? How big a role do federal and state governments play in smart cities?