Space and Eternal Life

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This is a book of discussions and dialogue between an eminent astronomer and a leading Buddhist scholar. They examine life on Earth, an issue which concerns all major religions, from two different starting points: the religious Buddhist and the natural science of the astronomer, largely concerned with physics.

They discuss the use of natural science in its exploration of the physical world, its treatment of psychology and states of consciousness, and Buddhist ideas of cosmology; and how these concepts are in tune with each other. They also debate reductionism, one of the key factors that distinguishes the practice of scientific investigation against the pacifist, holistic and ecological world view that is inherent in Buddhism and its underlying philosophy.

In the last chapter, the two protagonists discuss key issues of today and how they relate to these tenents: nuclear arms, ecology, AIDS, youth and education, the family, democracy, human rights, suicide, abortion, genetic engineering and organ transplants.