Sport and Exercise Science

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All students of sport and exercise science must have a strong grasp of the fundamental principles of anatomy and physiology, biomechanics and psychology. Sport and Exercise Science: An Introduction provides the best single-volume introduction to these core pillars of sport science and human performance currently available.

This fully revised and expanded third edition introduces the central principles of each discipline, and features updated chapters on energy balance and nutrition, lifestyle factors in sport, exercise and health, the psychology of motor learning and skill acquisition, and a new chapter on applied psychology and sports performance, to provide students with a thorough base of understanding. For the first time, the book contains a cross-disciplinary section on research methods and data analysis, which explores case studies from across the spectrum of sport and exercise science and introduces performance analysis, talent ID and applied sports nutrition to provide students with a touchstone resource for further study.

Offering a highly illustrated, accessible introduction to the key concepts in the scientific study of sport and exercise, and a full companion website to aid instructors, Sport and Exercise Science is an essential companion for students studying the introductory modules on a sport and exercise science degree or foundation course.