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Autor: Thatcher, Margaret

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AutorThatcher, Margaret
EdituraHarperCollins Publishers
Dimensiuni200 x 138 x 32
Data Publicarii03/03/2003
Numar pagini512
Margaret Thatcher brings her unrivalled political experience to bear on the challenges of the new millennium. Lady Thatcher's previous books on her political career have been bestsellers: The Downing Street Years went to No.1. She is a unique world figure and this book, containing her views about the dangers and opportunities of the new millennium, has attracted great interest both in Britain and around the world. In her own words: I wanted to write one more book -- and I wanted it to be about the future. In this age of spin-doctors and sound bites, the ever present danger is that leaders will follow fashion and not their instincts and beliefs. That was not how the West won the Cold War, not how we created the basis for today's freedom and prosperity. If we wish to make our achievements secure for our children and grandchildren, the West must stay vigilant and strong. In this book it will be my purpose to show that it can -- and must- be done.

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