In this tech-filled world, nuggets of wisdom suc"> Stewards Of The Earth

Stewards Of The Earth

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"Technology is only a tool to make what we already do easier; it's not meant to take over our life."

In this tech-filled world, nuggets of wisdom such as this can only serve to help us find our way and make us realise our place in the universe. With life lessons on such diverse topics as eating meat, mastering the spiritual, democracy, empowerment, human endeavours, self-esteem, and even nuclear waste, each topic the author visits within Stewards of the Earth, provides a basic lesson on how to change oneself, and the world, for the better.

Spoken with optimism and humility, Stewards of the Earth provides simple and universal advice, practical guidance, and words of encouragement that offer a powerful message to us and future generations that we can achieve more, even in life's darkest moments.