Studying Geography at University

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Written by leading academics, this book is an invaluable "how to..." guide to studying for a Geography degree. Written in a practical and conversational style, it offers important insights into how to succeed in first-year, covering everything from how to succeed in assessments to how to decide where to live. Some of the information the book provides is academic and some of it is non-academic as negotiating both is important in order to be successful in the first year of a Geography degree.

Studying Geography at University is ideal for those in the early stages of applying to university. Each chapter offers hints and tips and gives practical real-world insights into becoming a successful geography student that will enrich applications, open days and visit days. It is also possible to dip into the chapter summaries, 'What Do Students Say' and 'Top Tip' boxes only. Written by current students, from a range of institutions, these provide unique insights into the book's key points. Current students should also keep and refer to the book as an invaluable guide through the first few months of their degree.

This guide is a must-read for anyone starting their studies in Human Geography, Physical Geography, Environmental Science, or any other related subject at university.