Sundays in August, A Novel

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Peter Caviness, his sister and two brothers suddenly become orphans and face not only the end of summer, but the end of childhood. Now everything is different-alien, dreamlike, frightening. What are those strange men doing to the beloved house their father built? The locks are changed. Why is the preacher so fascinated with Mary? She's only a child. And when is Uncle Herbert going to stop sleeping in their parents' bedroom? The surprising answers to these questions, and more, are revealed in this novel set in a small city in western Colorado against the historic events of the day-a poignant story that propels the reader through a psychological journey of childhood as deftly textured as growing up itself, gripping, funny, sad, and, at times, melancholy. Richard Bradford, author of "Red Sky at Morning" has this to say: "'In Sundays in August, ' a delightful, funny-sad novel about one summer in a small Colorado town, the Caviness kids, suddenly orphaned, have to face the world. How they do it, with the help of their off-beat friends, will keep you not only alert but enchanted." * * * * * Harry Clifford Brown, a writer and editor from Grand Junction, Colorado, has worked as a halibut fisherman and prospector in Alaska, an English teacher in China, and the director of an English school in Japan. His adventures include riding a 10-speed bicycle from New York to Colorado and running rim-to-rim across the Grand Canyon. He is also the author of the novel "Magic Club" from Sunstone Press