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Tale of Timmy Tiptoes

Autor: Potter, Beatrix

Disponibilitate: Livrare in 2-4 saptamani (nu se afla in stoc, dar poate fi adus de la furnizorii nostri in 2-4 saptamani)

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After a terrible misunderstanding, poor Timmy Tiptoes ends up deep inside the trunk of a dead tree, with no means of getting out. Luckily, the chipmunk who lived there was very friendly and kind to Timmy. Before long, a strong wind blows the top off the dead tree trunk, but poor Timmy can't get himself out.

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AutorPotter, Beatrix
EdituraPenguin Books Ltd
Dimensiuni151 x 115 x 10
Data Publicarii04/03/2002
Numar pagini64
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