Tears Are Pearls

Autor: Islam, Tanvir

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Descriere RO

Ramona is a young woman who is willing to climb the mountain of her professional career no matter how many times she falls. When she loses a job through no fault of her own, she starts a process of trying to understand herself and her place in the world. When she is offered a new job out of the blue, the woman who owns the company challenges her to discover her own strengths and find out how she is unique. She finds out more about her own truth and that she is just one piece of the puzzle that makes up this wide world. She begins to value her pain, which resembles ÔÇśtears', and which becomes more meaningful each time she climbs up that mountain of hers. She aims to finally reach the height of stability, where she can be fully peaceful and serene. The value of her suffering and her pearl-like tears should not be wasted in the wrong place for the wrong reasons.