Through Hollow Lands

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Set in the US on 11th September 2001, Through Hollow Lands tells the story of George Bailey, a charming but feckless opportunist who finds himself trapped in the seeming purgatory of Las Vegas.He is followed there by Lou Plutus - his boss and a paedophile pornographer - from whom he has stolen a ‘Kompromat’ video of great importance to the Russian mafia. George un-expectantly encounters Jaffé Losoko there, a naïve, young Ethiopian woman whom he had got pregnant some six years before and arranged for an abortion. She now works in the Vegas sex trade.To escape, George must face his Russian pursuers – the terrifying ‘Triptych’ - head on and make amends to Jaffé. Beset by angels and demons, truth-tellers and liars, he must pay for the sins of his past in order to find salvation beyond Vegas.The book explores the trauma visited upon the American psyche in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Through Hollow Lands is the author’s compelling second novel, following the critically acclaimed White Church, Black Mountain.