Two-Phase Heat Transfer

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This book is primarily intended for design and development engineers. The emphasis of this book is therefore on information which is of practical use. For this reason, theories and methods which do not provide useable solutions are dealt only briefly though sufficient references are provided for more information about them. Effort is made to provide the best available information for the design of heat exchangers in a clear and concise manner. This information includes experimental data, theoretical solutions, and empirical correlations. Accuracy and range of applicability of formulas/correlations presented is stated. Clear recommendations are made for application of the methods presented. The proposed book is on heat transfer in two-phase systems. These include boiling, condensation, gas-liquid mixtures, and gas-solid mixtures. Two-phase heat transfer is involved in numerous applications. These include heat exchangers in refrigeration and air conditioning, conventional and nuclear power generation, solar power plants, aeronautics, chemical processes, petroleum industry, etc. In recent years, there has been increasing use of miniature heat exchangers for computers and other electronic intensive products.