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Way Of The White Clouds

Autor: Govinda, Lama Anagarika

Disponibilitate: Livrare in 2-4 saptamani (nu se afla in stoc, dar poate fi adus de la furnizorii nostri in 2-4 saptamani)

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'It tells of terrible journeys, of men masked against the sun (riding through ethereal regions with their feet frozen), of welcoming fog-girt monasteries lit by butter lamps at the journey's end' New Statesman The Way of the White Clouds is the remarkable narrative of a pilgrimage which could not be made today.

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AutorGovinda, Lama Anagarika
EdituraEbury Publishing
Dimensiuni215 x 137 x 25
Data Publicarii02/02/2006
FormatPaperback / softback
Numar pagini320
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