We Will Live in This Forest Again

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When a thriving forest is swallowed by wildfire the animals brace themselves, then look to new beginnings.

At first, they didn't notice the spark flying above the dry treetops. But then the smoke blew from the north, and the flames began to grow...

Author/illustrator Gianna Marino uses lush watercolors to explore the bitter-sweet cycle of burning and rebirth in the forest. Readers follow a lone deer as it sees its only home scorched by flame.

A Northern California resident herself, Gianna witnessed the 2017 Sonoma wildfire firsthand when it came within inches of destroying her property. Her personal experience is palpably reflected through her portrayal of dignified animal silhouettes and stark, ashen landscapes in the wake of the fire. The book closes with an essay describing her encounter with the wildfire.

We Will Live in This Forest Again is a great book for fans of Don't Let Them Disappear, also illustrated by Gianna and written by Chelsea Clinton. Parents and children with a soft spot for the fragile ecology of the forest will connect immediately with this book, and gain appreciation for what it takes to protect the natural world.