Weaving Bateman Blend

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"Weaving Bateman Blend, The Companion Book" is a "workshop to go"! The book is an Intermediate weaving resource emphasizing the role of ties and tie groups in weaving. It introduces Dr. William Bateman's weave systems, but zeroes in on one of them, Bateman Blend. The book is named The Companion Book as it compliments the original Monograph # 36, of Virginia Harvey's set of published works on Bateman weaves, striving to make "Blend" come alive for today's weavers.

The Blend structure is explained and demonstrated in the many samples woven by the author. Colour photos of the 50 or more pieces will draw you in to weave Bateman today! Some are examples of the weaves for today's purposes. Some are original variations and extensions of the 8 shaft weaves of Dr. Bateman to 12 and more shafts. The book concludes with the story of Dr. Bateman's work, a Bibliography, and Index. (Readers are encouraged to use other resources such as "Learning to Weave" by Deborah Chandler, or "The Complete Book of Weaving" by Mary E. Black for basic weaving instruction.)...