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The Weeping Light is a perfect testimony for Gheorghe Virtosu's undeniable talent, which turns a simple recounting into great writing: what begins as an account of a friendship between two children ends up in a heart-warming plea for timeless adventure capable to make up for any subsequent hardship and loss. The author himself as a little boy, together with his cousin and friend, Serioja, stumble over adventure in the most innocuous of places, their native village, and on most unlikely occasions. They create their own opportunity for pranks, fun, and laughter which draw the reader into a parallel universe where the elemental is elegantly and light-heartedly overridden by spirited wit and a conscious effort to forgive but never forget. The book, however, brings about its own twist in the tale: life has a way of putting distance between us and those people we want by our side forever. Paradoxically, those special people in our lives are the first to part with sometimes. But where there is life there is hope, and the author banks on the healing power of Ever-Flowing Time, which, someday, somewhere, will bring together all souls alike...