What Retirees Want

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Understand how to reach the biggest market hiding in plain sight

The business world is hyper-focused on getting into the minds of Millennials and Gen Z'ers. But when it comes to Baby Boomers, who now hold the largest concentration of personal wealth and spending power of any generation in history, prejudice, ageism, and misunderstanding abound. Business leaders, advisors, government leaders, and marketers have only a superficial understanding of Boomers' hopes, fears, preferences, and dreams.

What Retirees Want is the definitive guide to understanding the needs, aspirations, and dreams of today and tomorrow's retirees, so your business can grow by serving them better. They're a segment you don't want to miss--especially because your competitors are probably ignoring them. Leaping forward from the prophetic ideas in Dychtwald's Age Wave and based on 70,000 hours of new research and 30+ years of global leadership on this subject, this book offers expert guidance on how you can grab their attention in a way that's meaningful to them--and helps your business grow.

Learn how to avoid typical mistakes like talking down, using the wrong marketing messages, or creating niche products that don't satisfy retirees' need for empowerment and growth--or isolate them from feeling connected to younger generations.

Ken Dychtwald is America's foremost thought leader on issues relating to aging and longevity and the profound business, social, healthcare, financial, workforce and cultural implications of the retirement wave. He and Robert Morison have been collaborating for two decades, including on their groundbreaking book Workforce Crisis and their McKinsey Prize-winning writing in the Harvard Business Review. This book summarizes decades of research and consulting to leading companies on what new generations of retirees want worldwide.

Stop ignoring the largest and wealthiest market hidden in plain sight Navigating the new retirement landscape; work, giving, leisure, family, and legacy Time affluence: four trillion hours to fill Satisfying Boomers' quest for the fountain of health Understand retirees as customers, workers, and volunteers The breakthrough products and services that will meet their needs