Whisper of a Wing

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In the lead-up to Jackie's fi nal breaths, her sister Isabella promises to carry her with her every day thereafter.

Isabella, however, gets swallowed up in grief, and she walks away from her career and marriage. Her despair is exacerbated by the many struggles she faces as a result of having been molested as a child.

Jackie leaves a trail of clear and unmistakable signs for Isabella, and they become a treasure trove of peaceful guidance and loving affi rmation. Isabella begins to slowly return to the fabric of life.

In the process, she learns a valuable lesson: Forgiveness does not mean that words or behavior are excused. It is a gift for the one making peace that frees their heart, allowing for moving forward. It is a gift that one gives oneself.

Isabella pushes on knowing that her sister will always be by her side, learning profound lessons about life, love, and forgiveness in The Whisper of a Wing.