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Winning Mindset

Autor: Hughes, Damian

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Drawing on his lifetime experience and academic background within sports, organization, and change psychology, Damien Hughes reveals here the the best ways to create a winning mindset in both personal and professional life. Hughes has worked with some of the top teams in the UK, and watched some of the best coaches in the country at work. He distills the five keys principles that separate the best coaches and teams from the rest: Simplicity; Tripwires; Emotions; Practical; Stories: STEPS. The role of a sports-team leader is fascinating, complex, and tough. Fantasy football leagues may convince us that success is all about buying players and selecting a team. In reality, it is about creating winning environments—recruiting, developing, and nurturing talent, effectively communicating a shared vision with a diverse collection of individuals, delivering on enormous expectations from a range of stakeholders, overcoming significant challenges, handling pressure, and staying focused throughout: a set of challenges familiar to leaders in all sectors.

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AutorHughes, Damian
EdituraPan Macmillan
Dimensiuni136 x 264 x 25
Data Publicarii14/07/2016
FormatPaperback / softback
Numar pagini320
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