World of Taroo: The Sabors

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Descriere RO

A rescue mission, an assassination attempt and the discovery of new incredible powers that lay within the magical stones.

The knight is about to step out when a horrible scream suddenly fills the cave room and the soldiers look around. The scream continues and it sounds like someone is in pain. The knight orders them to stand in line and be ready for combat. They donÔÇÖt have to wait for long until they see something coming. A light is getting closer and so is the scream. The scream is so chilling that for the first time even the knight feels his hairs stand up on the neck. A woman, wearing almost nothing, with white shiny hair is walking towards them. The knight shouts to her to stop. Instead, she brings up her arms and the soldiers immediately bring up their shields. A strong wind suddenly flows within the room and seconds later a beam of ice streams out from her hands.

This is a story brought together by the complex mind of the writer who dreams and tries to offer others a glimpse of the world within him.