World's Highest-Scoring Students

Autor: Morgan, Hani

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Descriere RO

The World's Highest-Scoring Students focuses on how various countries transformed their school systems into the world's leading systems of education. Hani Morgan covers eight countries: Finland, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, China, Canada, Estonia, and the United States. His book offers ideas on how the United States can improve its school system so that it can regain its status as the world's undisputed leader in education.

In addition to offering a brief historical context for each country, Morgan describes important practices that helped these nations achieve stellar results in international testing. Some of the subjects covered include teacher preparation programs, cultural attitudes toward education, and teacher recruitment practices. His book differs from other texts on this topic because he describes in detail the most recent practices that various educational systems have used to maintain top academic performance and the strategies others have implemented to climb to the top.

The World's Highest-Scoring Students offers a new perspective on this topic in several ways. This book provides a balanced view of the highest-ranking nations in education, offering the outstanding practices they use to achieve stellar results but also pointing out the problems they endure. In addition, Morgan discusses various controversies about international tests, including the limitations of using these tests to evaluate students.