World Without Email

Autor: Newport, Cal

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From the bestselling author of Digital Minimalism and Deep Work comes a radical vision of a world without email - a world with increased creativity, productivity, collaboration and calm.

You start the day checking your inbox, spend hours fruitlessly triaging the onslaught of requests and information, then when 5:30pm rolls around you realise with crushing stress that you haven't even got to the most important items on your to-do list yet. Sound familiar?

Constant communication has become part of the way we work and we check our bursting inboxes on average every 5.4 minutes. But at what expense?

In A World Without Email, Cal Newport argues that this steady flow of distractions disrupts us from achieving any meaningful work, causes us undue stress and is costing businesses millions in the form of untapped potential. Newport shows us how to completely reimagine and redesign workflow and processes without the constant pings of emails distracting us.

Drawing on a fascinating array of case studies of thriving email free companies and offering clear, practical solutions you can implement today, this radical book shows us how dramatically reducing email will liberate people to do their most profound, fulfilling and creative work - and much more of it too.