Ze French Do it Better

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Eternally slim, natural beauties, with well-behaved children and perfect souffl´┐Żs--how do the French do it? Steal all their tricks (without turning into a snob!) with this humorous lifestyle guide.

In all areas--from fashion to cuisine to the art of seduction--Parisians reign supreme in their ability to enjoy life to the fullest. So why do we love to hate the French, yet still covet their singular joie de vivre?

A duo of savvy authors breaks it down for readers by dividing the French into relatable "tribes"--each of which offers keys to a life well-led. To demystify the French enigma, each chapter opens with a humorous introduction and a short quiz to help readers determine their level of kinship with that particular tribe, whether Classic Frenchie, AristoChic, Vintage Bourgeois, Modernist, Intellectual, Bohemian, or Foodie. With tongue-in-cheek humor, the authors divulge the enviable Gallic secrets and traits so that readers can integrate elements of an iconic French wardrobe, infallible recipes, life-enhancing customs and rituals, cult houseware products, and personal style tips into their daily routine. Offering insight with verve and wit, this book is replete with facts and practical tips
for assimilating the best of what France has to offer.

The volume is completed by a guide to the best addresses in Paris, throughout France, and online for quintessentially Parisian fashion, housewares, and personal inspiration.